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UME Natural Incense Sticks- Inner Bloom
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UME Natural Incense Sticks- Inner Bloom

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Inner Bloom focusses on your heart and relaxes you, with Lavender Bud, Mist and Sandalwood. This incense will relieve you of stress and help you to realign and energise, 

50 sticks per pack. Each stick is around 15cm long and will burn for approximately 33 minutes. 100% natural, vegan, ethically sourced and precious ingredients, never with synthetics, perfumes or oils. 

UME Collection create natural incense, made in the way it should be, only by using ground plant products, such as barks, resins and roots. Focussing on the purest ingredients, from plants that have had no contact with pollution, these incense sticks are each created for a certain therapeutic benefit. As well as these intelligently blended incense sticks, they craft beautiful ceramic dishes in which to burn them, and stunning dome holders too.

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