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The London Bee Company Honeycomb Tapers
The London Bee Company

The London Bee Company Honeycomb Tapers

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These solid beeswax candles from The London Bee Company are made from 100% beeswax, so no toxins at all, making a very clean, dripless burn. 

These tapers are 1.9cm x 15cm each. Make sure to keep them away from a draft and always keep attended, and on a non flammable or heat sensitive surface.

The London Bee Company might be a small business, but their impact is huge. They are helping the declining Honeybee population in London by doing the best work they can as bee keepers, as these bees are a valuable pollinator in our delicate ecosystem. By nurturing the Honeybees and helping them thrive, they aim to increase their numbers, and a by-product of this work is the beautiful beeswax products they create. 

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