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Redecker Skin Relaxer & Duster

Redecker Skin Relaxer & Duster

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Ostrich feathers are the best dusters out there for delicate and fragile items, such as glass ornaments or items that might topple over. As it binds the dust to the small feathers that make up the whole feather, rather than simply moving it away, its incredibly efficient. This brush uses a leather handle to bind the feathers together, for an ergonomic and easy to hold duster. If not used as a duster, it can be a wonderful way of relaxing your skin, after a hard day's work.


Measures 21cm

A family business to this day, Bürstenhaus Redecker (Redecker Brush House) are makers of fine, sustainable, useful household items, and have been for over 80 years. With their speciality being in brushes, its no wonder we've had to cherry pick what we think you'd love in your homes as they make over 70 different brushes, just for dusting alone. Their products are useful, tactile and well crafted, meaning you'll have these pieces in your arsenal for years to come. 

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