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Pooch's Puppy & Senior Beef Chewie

Pooch's Puppy & Senior Beef Chewie

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Puppies love to chew and gnaw, and these treats help them develop healthy chewing habits. The 100% Beef Chewies are about 17cm in length, and are not too hard for pup's little teeth to get sunk into. They're also great for senior dogs too, who may have difficulty biting down on the things they used to. 

100% Beef

Typical Analysis – raw protein 87,0 %, raw fat 3,5 %, raw ash 2,0 %

Wave goodbye to mass-produced treats, full of artificial additives, corn syrup and meat meal. Your dog will go mad for these treats, and they're all natural ingredients so they're healthy too. Pooch's are small batch made (they actually make them to order!), hand baked dog treats. Not only do they ensure each biscuit is lovingly made by hand, they source all of their ingredients from their local area, Norfolk, but they also package them in biodegradable materials, made from renewable resources. 

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