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Piccolo Seeds Floral Teas Collection
Piccolo Seeds Floral Teas Collection
Piccolo Seeds

Piccolo Seeds Floral Teas Collection

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This set of seed packs is for those of you that have ditched the caffeine and opted for a more health conscious hot drink. With Roman Chamomile, Bee Balm and Zebrina Mallow, this set of seed packs has something for everyone.

Each pack of Piccolo seeds comes with a full planting guide, including when and where to plant them, how much space they need and how large they'll grow, how to thin the seeds and even their ideal companion plants.

According to Piccolo, 'good things come in small packages', and we couldn't agree more. They cherry pick the best small, compact or dwarf varieties that are ideal for growing in urban gardens. With more and more people re-purposing containers for planting in, Piccolo have curated a range of plants to suit those smaller spaces, with everything from interesting herbs to unusual fruits. We think they're wonderful for creating a green and fruitful oasis in your inner city gardens, however tiny they may be.

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