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Green & Blue Peanut Bird Feeder-Green
Green & Blue

Green & Blue Peanut Bird Feeder-Green

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Simply fill your Birdball peanut feeder and watch those sweet little garden birds flock. The perches are fexible so that larger birds and squirrels can't sit as they'd like to, and the peanuts are gravity-fed so they don't simply knock the nuts off like they would an open feeder. Its crisp, globe shape means that it not only adds a contemporary touch to your outside space, but rain drips right off the glazed surface so it can be left out year round. 

Kate and Gavin are the creative minds behind Green&Blue. In 2005 they left their jobs at Dyson to start their own company in Cornwall, having spent years designing in their spare time. Starting with the Birdball, they have gone on to design and make a multitude of products that help the world around us. They really do 'design the way nature intended'.

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155mm Diameter.

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