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Natural Stone Candela
Natural Stone Candela

Natural Stone Candela

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Candela mini scented candles should be burnt in their own hand thrown ceramic bowl or stone. These are perfectly designed to give an optimum burn of each candela and are an effective way to 'reduce, reuse and recycle' while you enjoy your candle experience. Candela bowls and stones are made in the UK by artisan potters each hand thrown and finished in their own unique style. Each will have its own unique shape and finish and is a truly one-off piece. Candela candles not included, sold separately in packs of 10 x 12g. Candelas are hand poured scented mini candles made with soy wax and essential oils. With an average burn time of 2hrs each they are perfect for a quick meditation, a bath or a yoga session. Burning candelas saves on the environmental effects of glass production and disposal, and re-using your candela bowl gives it a special place in your home.


Width: 9.5cm x Length: 9.5cm x Height: 2.5cm

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