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LSA Cask Whisky Rectangle Decanter 1ltr
LSA Cask Whisky Rectangle Decanter 1ltr

LSA Cask Whisky Rectangle Decanter 1ltr

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Holding a litre of your favourite Whisky, this decanter is mouth blown, with a hand ground stopper that fits immaculately into the neck, sealing off the contents perfectly until your next drink.

Terence Conran's Habitat was home to the first LSA product, an enamelled teapot, in 1966. From their roots in utilitarian, considered and contemporary design, LSA ensure that to this day they produce useful objects for the home, and that they maintain their standards of quality handmade glassware that will last. The company is a family run business, led by the daughter of the founder, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas. She's the creative driving force behind the brand, and each piece is still handmade, something which we think is particularly rare, valuable and beautiful.

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