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Inoui Lighting Stool H.44cm - Acapulco Blue

Inoui Lighting Stool H.44cm - Acapulco Blue

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Inouï is a piece of furniture with many forms and various possibilities... It lets you sit down but it is also a side table and a light! Its light will make an impact during your drinks on the terrace or a meal in the garden. Inouï creates a highly contemporary lounge light mood.

Resistant to impacts and poor weather, Inouï is not afraid of knocks, the rain or UV rays. Wireless and light, Inouï is a mobile piece of furniture that you can easily move from the lounge to the terrace depending on the seasons and your requirements! It offers up to 13 hours battery life (with 3 hours charge) It charges very simply by placing it on its included charging stand (IPXO charging stand) The body made from translucent polythene lets the light through. It is topped with a steel sheet available in a variety of colours which offer as many options to create your outdoor or indoor décor.

The simple shape with rounded lines is given a twist with coloured handles. Not only can you choose the brightness (2 levels) but also the temperature of the light (neutral white or cool white). These two temperatures create two different lighting moods: warm lighting (neutral white) or indeed a "cool white" lighting (blue shade) which renders surrounding colours more accurately. The light can be controlled in 2 different ways: with the dimmer / switch located on the handle, or remotely via Bluetooth on a free Fermob lighting app. This app lets you vary the brightness and temperature of the light, create and select moods and control 1 or several lamps.

Weight: : 5 kg

Table top : Steel sheet
Diffuser : Polyethylene
Lighting intensity : 2 neutral white (100% & 50%) + 2 cool white (100% & 50%) + OFF
T° colour : 1 warm white (3000°K) and 1 cool white (6000°K)
Technology : LED
Power (Watts) : 7 W
Luminous flux : 250 lm
Min. Battery life : 9 h
Max. : 18 h
Rechargeable : 4 h
Type of power supply : ABS plastic charging base & transformer 110-230 Apv*/24 Dpv** IPX0 Multi-type sockets
Cable (supplied) : 1.5 m
Bluetooth : Yes
Controlled with switch or remotely using the integrated Bluetooth system compatible with the "Fermob Lighting" app
Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use
Ingress protection : IP54
Impact resistance : IK 8
CE standard : Yes
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