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Hinza Bag Large- Maroon

Hinza Bag Large- Maroon

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Perfect for shopping or just days out with friends - these Green bags are the perfect accessory for carrying the essentials. 

The Hinza bags in the Green Plastic range are a climate-smart choice. They are made of bio-plastic, a "green" plastic made from sugar cane, which is renewable.

When sugar cane is growing, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. If green plastic from sugar cane is burned, the carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. As the amount of carbon dioxide does not increase, as it does when burning regular traditional plastic from fossil raw materials, there is no impact on the climate.

Height with handle: 42 cm.  Height without handle: 25 cm. Length: 44 cm. Width: 17 cm. Volume: 15 litres.

Available in a range of colours. 



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