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Bergs - Copenhagen Plant Pot & Saucer Grey 18cm
Bergs Potter

Bergs - Copenhagen Plant Pot & Saucer Grey 18cm

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The Copenhagen pot is Bergs' first and most famous style. Today made from either Rosa or Nordic Grey terracotta, this pot was inspired by the pottery of the Royal Danish Palace of Fredensborg, when Steffen Berg stumbled accross this regal style in the nursery there. It adds elegance and femeninity to the simplest of plants.

Born out of a war-depressed Copenhagen, the Bergs family sought to add colour and life to the bleek streets of their neighbourood. A family run business since 1942, the Bergs have always sought to create the best products possible for plants. They searched for skilled ceramicists to create their pots and in the 80s they found those artisans in Tuscany, Italy. Steeped in Danish history and heritage, then made by hand in the hills of Italy, these terracotta pots are the best you can buy for your plants, indoors and out.

Nordic Grey terracotta, raw. As this pot is unsealed, a patination will develop over time when your plant is watered. 18cm diameter, pot and saucer sold together

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