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Cane-Line Copenhagen Armchair, Stackable

Cane-Line Copenhagen Armchair, Stackable

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The idea behind the coloured lightweight aluminium chair is that the furniture should be a fresh and casual touch to an often very neutral outdoor furniture universe, both with colours and a modern and light look. In addition, the furniture occupies less space than traditional outdoor furniture. The chair has a good sitting comfort. The Copenhagen chair requires a minimum of maintenance and cleaning and has a long lifespan. The chair can be stacked and used both outdoors and indoors. Indoors as a simple kitchen chair or as just a raw modern extra chair in the living room by the dresser or desk. The Copenhagen chair is made of powder coated aluminium, is weather resistant and manufactured both with and without armrests.

Width: 59 cm | 23.3 inches 

Depth: 63 cm | 24.9 inches 

Height: 80 cm | 31.5 inches 

Seat height: 45 cm | 17.8 inches 

Seat depth: 44 cm | 17.4 inches 

Armrest height: 65.5 cm | 25.8 inches 

Weight: 4.69 kg | 10.34 lbs 

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