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Coco & Coir - Coco Grow Plus Seed & Cutting Compost
Coco & Coir

Coco & Coir - Coco Grow Plus Seed & Cutting Compost

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Coco Grow+ with 20% added perlite increases the porosity of the potting mix. This helps keep soil loose and airy, helping roots establish and develop faster. Ideally suited for garden and hydroponic growing environments. Mix with warm water (5:1 ratio approx, water:coir) and watch the compost expand in your container.

This nutrient, ph balanced coir compost makes it ideal for seeding a variety of plants. Just add fertiliser or blend of other compost should you need to.

Balanced drainage and water retention. The loose texture enhanced by Perlite improves aeration, draining & insulation. Used by beginner growers and professionals alike. Designed for efficient, even root development for strong seedlings, allowing healthier resulting plants.

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