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Coco & Coir - Coco Boost All Purpose Compost
Coco & Coir

Coco & Coir - Coco Boost All Purpose Compost

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A sustainable all-purpose compost, with added NPK plant food. Mix with warm water (5:1 ratio approx, water:coir) and watch the compost expand in your container.

High performing peat free compost, designed for high performance plant growth. Independently tested to outperform leading brands both including peat and peat free. Coco Boost is 100% natural all purpose coir compost with balanced slow-release fertiliser that feeds for up to 6 months. Added dry, the fertiliser doesn’t start to degrade until it has water added, unlike ready to use compost, where nutritional value available for plants varies dramatically.

Coco Boost compost helps develop healthy foliage, strong root development and fantastic flower and fruit performance. It is also the environmentally friendly choice being peat free, using sustainable and organic coir made from coco coir fibre.

Turn your green fingers into a greener planet!

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