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Bornn Colorama- Medium Baking Dish Coral with Soft Pink
Bornn Enamelware

Bornn Colorama- Medium Baking Dish Coral with Soft Pink

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We love the way that Bornn's Colorama matches and doesn't, at the same time. Very few of the pieces in the range have the same outer, inner and rim colours, they mix and match the electric blue, coral, pink and chartreuse, in a way that makes every piece a statement on its own, or as part of the collection as a whole. Its the perfect kitchenware for outdoor and indoor dining, and light enough to take on picnics and camping trips.

Sisters Basak Onay and Oyku Thurston are the creative minds behind Bornn. Their nomadic lifestyles took them to cities around the world, developing a fascination for artisnal products created in each place they visited. In 2015, in their home of Istanbul, they created Bornn Enamelware, which seeks to celebrate the skills of the Turkish artisans they work with. With clean contemporary designs and a jovial use of colour, each piece is made by hand.

Enamelware is made by fusing glass onto heave gauge steel. Although lightweight and easy to transport, be careful not to drop as the glass may chip and become sharp, just like ceramic. Each piece is handmade so there may be differences in each piece, but we think this adds to the charm. Its oven, dishwasher and gas safe, but don't microwave!

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