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Atlantic Folk- Indoor Plant Rescue 200ml
Atlantic Folk

Atlantic Folk- Indoor Plant Rescue 200ml

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Botanical Supplies - Indoor Plant Rescue - Handmade on the Norfolk Coast. Made using the 'active principle' Hyssopus herb. When misted on the patient daily for the week- the recovery will appear miraculous. Gentle enough to use on all sick plants, especially if they are suffering from rust disease or powdery mildew. 200ml - Pet Safe and Organic. To Use - Shake well and spray all over your patient avoiding any petals (if your plant has any). Ideally mist everyday for a week in the morning and once recovered spray weekly. This tonic is safe to use on all plants including edibles. Ingredients - Aqua (Water), Hyssopus Officinalis (hyssopus) flower oil distillate, Gluconolactone and sodium Benzoate (GSB), Natural Preservative.

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