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Coco & Coir - Coco Grow Plus Seed & Cutting Compost
Coco & Coir

Coco & Coir - Coco Grow Plus Seed & Cutting Compost

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Coco Grow+ contains 20% added Perlite, which makes for greater aeration in the roots of your plants as its more porous. It will stimulate the growth of roots so is ideal for the early growing of seeds and cuttings. 

Taking the completely biodegradable husk from coconuts, Coco & Coir have masterfully used this natural byproduct to create expanding compost. Its peat free and eco-friendly, and the cost on the environment is far smaller than regular bags of compost (partly due to its stack-able shape and light weight). The largest size can fit in your shopping bag and expands to 75L, enough to fill a wheelbarrow. Simply add warm water to the dry brick, and wait for it to grow. You can seal it in a bin bag to use again and again, just use as you would a regular compost sack.

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