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LOLA Awesome Animals Art Box

LOLA Awesome Animals Art Box

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Many artists have painted pictures of their domestic pets and livestock. George Stubbs, for example, widely known as a painter of horses, created stunning pictures of a multitude of animals and caught the eye of King George III as a result. The king had Stubbs paint a portrait of his scruffy yet lovable pooch in ‘A Rough Dog’, 1790. In this box, we look at a wide collection of artists, from Franz Marc to Tracey English, and at how they depict different animals in different styles, from wild creatures to farm animals, from bugs to butterflies!

  • A booklet introducing the theme, with information about artists, art styles and techniques.
  • Clear instructions on seven art projects, appropriate for children of any age (3+ years), with tips to tailor each project for under 4s.
  • Includes LoLA book recommendations for further reading.
  • Plenty of quality art materials: set of acrylic paints, Paintbrush, Styrofoam sheet & Water-colour paper

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