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Pretty Petal Ice Cubes

Pretty Petal Ice Cubes

Impress your family with these incredible ice cubes!

Did you know that there are a lot of flowers in your garden that you can eat? But be careful because there are a lot that taste horrible and can make you ill too.  You must be sure that no one has sprayed nasty chemicals on them either. Always check with an adult but have a look for these flowers in your garden.

Download our worksheet! How to make pretty petal ice cubes

The Best Edible Flowers for Your Pretty Petal Ice Cubes

Rose petals are beautiful and delicious. They come in so many different colours and are perfect in a glass of homemade lemonade. Darker coloured roses tend to have a stronger taste  and some have a lemony flavour, so why not experiment with a range of colours. 


BorageBorage has pretty star-shaped flowers that taste a bit like cucumber. Bees love borage too so they are a great plant to have in the garden. If you have star-shaped ice cube trays you can put the whole flowers in for a very sophisticated look.



MarigoldsPot marigolds (Calendula officinalis) have fantastic bright orange petals and taste spicy and a bit peppery. You can put them in ice cubes or even in salads, on top of scrambled egg or in a soup. They're very easy to grow too.


PansiesPansies and violets are so sweet and look stunning bobbing around in your summer drink. They flower almost all year round so even in winter you can make pretty petal ice cubes!


There are so many more edible flower out there. To check which flowers are good (and safe) to eat look at Organic Gardening UK who have a comprehensive list.



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